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Processes and Pricing


When you embroider shirts with us, you get access to our top-of-the-line (Barudan) embroidery machines that deliver the highest quality stitching and can produce 400 garments a day. What this means is that you get top-quality custom embroidered apparel at a fast speed.

Here's how it breaks down.

Price For Embroidery

Our embroidery quotes are based on a variety of factors, and usually breaks down the following way:

print locations

Prices go up the more embroidery locations you want. In addition costs can rise depending on how complicated the spot is to embroider. This will all be sorted out during our quote and drafting phase.

thread count

Our cost starts at $1 per 1000 threads. The more colors, complexity, and size, the more the cost rises.


Pricing to digitize depends on the complexity and size of your artwork. Generally it is $50; however, the more complex and larger your artwork is, that price can vary.

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