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For Your Brand

Imagine... a place where your team and community can go to purchase branded apparel and materials that you've already approved.


Boost Your Brand With Online Stores

Your Brand. Your Way

By building an online store with us, you can ditch time-consuming ordering and complicated inventory management, and feel confident that your team is using only items you approve

It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

Key Benefits

Sign Off on ProductsAhead of Time,

so you’re confident that your team is only ordering items you’ve approved.

Headache-Free Ordering and Fulfillment,

so you don’t have to spend countless hours managing, sorting, or shipping orders.

Maintain Brand Integrity,

to protect and enhance your brand so that it’s consistent everywhere you and your team go.

Customize Your Online,

with your logo and colors for brand consistency.

Choose From Multiple Payment Processing Methods,

so you can issue store credits, offer client gifts, or accept credit cards for ease of ordering.

Built-In Fundraising Options,

so you can add an income stream for your organization based on your needs.


Fequently Asked Questions

Check out our online stores page for more information and details to understand how to build your own store and simplify your business.

FCE has a reputation for excellence. We believe in forming relationships with our clients and see everyone as far more than a number — everyone we work with is a part of our community, and we want to support their dreams and growth. Part of that means simplifying your life when and where we can.

Our team will listen to your needs and give you a few different options for each type of product you want to sell. Once you approve the product AND the merchandise design, it will go live.

The possibilities are endless; however, most clients choose to customize their stores with their logo and colors, customized product offerings, and payment options based on their needs and those of their team.

Most stores require a moderate set-up fee that includes basic customizations. This fee depends entirely on the number of products and the scope of your needs. After it’s set up, there are no costs for maintaining the store itself. The only other additional costs you might see are — graphic design for changes to the storefront or future merchandise development, products you purchase, or, store credits you extend to your customers or team members.

We have access to tens of thousands of different types and styles of promotional products, including many that you may not find elsewhere. Common items include embroidered and screen printed apparel, client gifts, coffee mugs, calendar, pens, folders, business cards, fidget spinners, and more.

Yes. We can design them for you and set custom fields that your team members then fill in as they order so that everyone on your team has a consistent design.

That’s entirely up to you. We have some clients who make everything available for purchase only. We have some that offer a set amount of credits per year in the form of a coupon code. And, we also have some clients who set up a separate store for client gifts and rewards so clients can “shop” for items that we ship directly to them. Finally, many schools also choose to use online stores to manage spirit wear, uniforms, sports uniforms, special events swag, and even an “add a donation” item so that they can fundraise directly from the store.

In short, anything is possible. We work with some clients who prefer a percentage commission so that they have an income stream on their promotional materials and apparel, and similarly, we have other clients who prefer to keep costs as low as possible. It’s totally up to you, and we can discuss the benefits of each.

Yes, absolutely. We’ve included a basic overview above, but can give you more detail! Set up a consultation today and we’ll be happy to show you the possibilities!

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